Company History

Castorra Inc is a family business serving the City of Toronto and surrounding areas since 2006. Matthew, Mike, and Matt, and our dedicated team have evolved from one of Toronto’s premier Tile Companies. We have retained our specialization in Tile installation & Landscaping and transferred our attention to detail and quality into our home renovation projects.

Castorra’s mission is to provide quality service with 100% satisfaction!

What sets us apart?

Our knowledgeable staff has years of experience in multiple areas of home construction from our dedicated tile setters to head supervisors and competent project manager. We have mastered the vetting process of our contractors working only with the most professionals and prompt responsive teams.

We set high standards in craftsmanship, organisation, and cleanliness. We believe in high quality finishes and only use of industry leading materials and techniques in all our work.

Our partnership with a select list of designers and architects specialized in their fields, helps bring your home projects to completion exactly how you imagined it within time and budget.

We have an efficient cloud base Project Management system facilitating communications between teams, project scheduling, files, drawing, photos, and an organised To Do List for our staff in daily projects.

Castorra respects and protects the home crew s providing fully coverage insurance. We are compliant with the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board of Ontario (WISB). We offer 1-year warranty on all our installations and all other warranties as per the Manufactures.